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Time Lapse Replay: Steam’s Underground Railroad map

In what I’m hoping will be a regular feature on Strawpixel, here’s the first Time Lapse Replay of a session we had a few weeks ago. This first game is Steam (Martin Wallace, published by Mayfair Games) and more specifically the Underground Railroad map (Ted Alspatch, published by Bezier Games).

I loveĀ Steam and I don’t get to play it often enough, even though I have a ton of maps for it (even the one for the Montreal metro!)

I’ve started a Youtube channel for all of the replay videos and will be posting more in the coming weeks (I’ve got Hegemonic, Conflict of Heroes and Space Empire 4X already shot and just waiting to be edited).

If you like what you see, please subscribe to the channel and upvote this article and the website over on BoardgameLinks. I can always use more traffic!

Happy gaming!