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Top 10: Games that should really hit the table

Last year I tried to get behind the 10X10 in 2014 Challenge and, somehow, I failed. I managed to get over 50 plays of the 10 chosen games, but there are several of the games that didn’t make it enough to the table which meant I was unable to meet my goal. While some might accuse me of being part of the Cult of the New (which is largely true), the sheer amount of interesting games coming out each month, nay weeks, is truly astounding. So while I was trying to get many games to the table multiple times, I was still getting some new games to the table.

Problem is, there’s a bunch of great games that I really want to play that I haven’t been able to bring to the table. Many of these have gotten great press and buzz but I can’t confirm or deny that they are great because… well because I haven’t had a chance to play them. So without further ado, here’s my list of great games that came out last year that I didn’t get to play yet… Note that I limited myself to games that I’ve had for at least two months, so other great games that I recently got, like Arkwright (played Saturday, actually… Great game, but you need to play the learning game to “get” it), Kohle & Kolonie, Wir Sind Das Volk!Captains of Industry (not received yet but should be coming in soon), Scoville (ditto), Viticulture (same) and more, are not mentioned. It’s going to be a great, but busy winter…

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Quick Impressions: Post GenCon part 2

In the first part of the post-GenCon quick impression, I talked about a bunch of games that I had a chance to play a few times, not quite enough to really do an in-depth review of. This time around, I’ll be looking at some more games that I’ve only played once or twice, along with a bunch of games that I’ve only had the chance to read the rules and push a few pieces around solo. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring them to the table soon and give them the proper time they deserve. Hopefully, none of them will be horrible…

It’s always interesting to see how people feel after even just one play, especially since sometimes it’s the only chance players will give a game. Don’t make the first impression because the players didn’t fully get it or errors were made in the rules explanation and, what would have normally been a great game simply isn’t. On the other hand, some games that are horrible still make a decent enough first impression that they are invited again to the table, only to disappoint. Where will the following games fall? I’ll only be able to tell once I get them to the table a few times. For now, let’s just see what kind of first impression they make.

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