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The Purge: November edition

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog with reviews or other articles, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped or slowed down on my game playing or, unfortunately, my game acquisition. What with a new project at work (I’m now working on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot over at Ubisoft Montreal) and some renovations at home, I’ve fallen off the review wagon and I sure need to get back on it! I’ve got a few things lined up but I need to make a bit of space first.

So, you know how this goes: if there’s something you’d like in the list or are just curious to know what I’m getting rid of and why, the list is right below. See something you like? make me an offer and remember, it doesn’t have to be cash. I’m actually looking for someone to paint some Rivet War minis…

Don’t care about the games I’ve gotten rid of so far and just want to see what’s on the purge list this month? Be my guest!

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The Purge: August-ish Edition

August is GenCon month and it’s killing me. Between all the new stuff that’s coming in because I backed it on Kickstarter and the new shiny coming out of the con itself, there’s just so many new games coming in that I thought seriously of dumping 20 games this month instead of 10, but I stuck with 10, which is still a lot of games.

Choices of what to drop is starting to go to games that I’ve own for a while and either I’ve actually never played or that I really don’t think I’ll get around to play. I don’t think I have very many “games that I really don’t like” anymore in my collection, apart maybe from the occasional dud that I’ve just picked up. Rather, I’m starting to cut games that I figure have a very low chance of be brought to the table, which does feel good. Getting rid of games that I kept simply because they were sort of ok and “maybe one day” is a very good feeling. Will I ever reach 600 games? Not this year, unless I decide to do a massive purge. If I manage to bring the collection to under 700 and clear out one or two games for each new game that comes in, I’ll be happy.

Well, let’s see know how the last month fared…

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The Purge: July Edition

Another month, another purging of games that are just not getting enough love, or that I’m just not interested in any more. Yes, there’s one instalment of the Purge missing, but work has been kind of crazy lately and all the usual excuses. But you’re not here for that, you’re here to know how things stand and maybe score some good games for not much. So, let’s see how things went since last time, shall we?

What? You don’t care about what games got traded/given/sold/exchanged? you just want the new stuff? Skip everything and get to the good stuff here!

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The Purge: April Update

And so the great Purge continues, with 10 more games being added to the list. I think the pace so far is pretty good, with as many games going out than are coming in (purchases are down, but there are a bunch coming in from Kickstarter). My game total at the end of March (not counting expansions) was 502 and I’ve managed to keep it at that level, so yay?

Finding games to get rid of is starting to get trickier, but I sort of expected that when I came up with the idea. Though choices, but making sure I’m only keeping those games that I really want to play or that really offer something different. Can I really make it to 100? We shall see.
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The Purge: March Update

So last month I started a major purge of my game collection, putting up 10 games to be given/traded/sold/exchange for something. The idea was not to necessarily sell them, but rather find a good home for games that either didn’t really grab me or that I was fairly sure would not hit the table in some time.

Well, this is the second instalment of the purge, with another 10 games being put up, all in the goal of culling 100 games from my collection by the end of the year. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my collection will go down by 100 (it currently stands at 502, not counting expansions) but rather that it will hopefully stay at around that 500 number (hopefully a little lower). I’ve got new games coming in every month so if I can get rid of a little more each month, maybe I can go under 475…

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The Purge: The getting-rid-of-games Challenge

I got too many games. My wife tells me this and I actually agree, but the thing is, I love getting new games, learning new games and playing new games. I’m trying this year to get at least some of the games I really like back to the table a few more times than usual, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I have too many games and this situation is likely to only get worse as new games are arriving all the time at my house.

Unless I turn my office/game room into a Tardis (not likely) or get a storage space (which would only delay the issue instead of solving it), I need to get rid of some games. Now, this is something I tend to do annually, doing a small purge and getting rid of 10-15 titles. I’m also a regular participant in the local Math Trade, which actually doesn’t help as it only replaces games instead of reducing the pile. This year, I’ve decided to do something more drastic: I’m going to try and get rid of 10 games per month, for around 10 months. Yup, following the 10X10in2014 challenge, I’m going to do a 10outX10monthsin2014.

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