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Game Review: The Duke

pic1688903_tI don’t get to play short, abstract 2-player games often enough. Most of the time when I find myself with a single opponent, I either end up playing a heavy 2-player wargame, an LCG or a light dice game, but none offer the fast thrills of a good 2 player abstract. Game such as the Project GIPF games, with their very simple, clever mechanic come to mind: I’ve owned two of the games, YINSH and ZERTZ, for quite some time but they never hit the table enough for me. This makes me very hesitant when I see a new 2 player abstract: even if the game greatly appeals to me, will I actually get to play it?

I was quite curious when I started to hear a lot of good stuff about The Duke, right after Gencon. I had missed it completely when its Kickstarter campaign was happening but now the buzz was very strong. A deep, 2 player abstract that seem to be garnering lots of fans? Maybe I could find some people to play this after all. So when I had a chance to pick it up, I did and I’m really glad I did.

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New to me: Tenka, Infection, Mr Jack Pocket and The Duke

Buying new games is always an interesting process. If you’re at all like me, there are several ways you end up buying a game: some are just pure impulse purchase, knowing nothing about the game but there is a little something that makes you grab it, usually a sentence or an image; sometimes, you read about the game and you stow that info deep inside the vault, thinking there might be something interesting in there; other times, the first time you hear about it you know you need to get it; and lastly, there is the type of game that somehow fits into a current project and you just want to see what others did within that space.

All this to say that I bought four new games in the last few weeks. These are not games I had pre-ordered or backed on Kickstarter, but rather games that either had lodged themselves in my brain because of something I had seen about them before or games that had a lot of talk about them once they came out.

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