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Session Report: Tenka

Victory Point Games has been making print-on-demand games for quite some time now and they’ve always had the knack to come up with games on subject matters that were off-beat enough and with a small enough footprint to interest me. At the same time, while the quality of the components wasn’t a real problem when it came to wargames, pure card games were, at least to me, problematic. I’ve played in the past a number of Avalon Hill titles which had less than ideal cards but, in this day and age, I for one didn’t want to deal with a card game which had flimsy cards that were not standard size.

pic1710256_tI was quite happy to learn that with their new production equipment they would be able to make something that was close to a real card for their card games and thus I was tempted once more with a game that I had my eye on for quite some time: Tenka, a card game of Shogun Japan that claimed a simple rule set for a quick, chaotic game. When I saw that Supernova Games had a copy at Stack Academy, my fate was sealed: I had no choice but to get a copy and boy am I glad that I got it.

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New to me: Tenka, Infection, Mr Jack Pocket and The Duke

Buying new games is always an interesting process. If you’re at all like me, there are several ways you end up buying a game: some are just pure impulse purchase, knowing nothing about the game but there is a little something that makes you grab it, usually a sentence or an image; sometimes, you read about the game and you stow that info deep inside the vault, thinking there might be something interesting in there; other times, the first time you hear about it you know you need to get it; and lastly, there is the type of game that somehow fits into a current project and you just want to see what others did within that space.

All this to say that I bought four new games in the last few weeks. These are not games I had pre-ordered or backed on Kickstarter, but rather games that either had lodged themselves in my brain because of something I had seen about them before or games that had a lot of talk about them once they came out.

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