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Review: Province

Ah, small, micro games how you got my heart and what looks like the heart of half of the boardgame designers community. Not a week goes by without a new micro game being announced or showing up on Kickstarter, with Tiny Epic Kingdom, Burgoo, Where are Thou, Romeo? and Coin Age (just to name a few) leading the way. And you know what? I’ll always at least check it out. Why not? For under $10 (yeah, shipping is always expensive to Canada), you can hopefully get something that’s at least fun for an hour or two.


It is now Laboratory‘s turn to joins the fray (actually, it’s their second time as their first was a 1-card “CCG” called Shift, which I am unfamiliar with) with a micro resource management/rondel game, Province. How good can it be, with its small board, handful of tokens and very short playing time? Sure, the artwork is reminiscent of the more popular resource management games out there, but it looks so… simple. Simple? Yeah, it is. Easy to learn? Yeah, you can say that. Easy to win? Sure, I’ll show you how easy it is to… lose. Let’s check it out.

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