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Review: Mr. Jack Pocket

I like deduction games and I especially like games where you try and track down a criminal while he attempts to hide in plain sight. Unfortunately, most of the time this seems to result in a variant of Scotland Yard, which while I enjoyed it when I played it the first time, has come to be played out by now (and yes, I do mean you Fury of Dracula, Letters from Whitechapel and others of that ilk). For the longest time I’ve been looking for something that would scratch that itch but was unable to find it.

pic1519530_tWhile Mr. Jack Pocket doesn’t quite blow me away, it does a good job of presenting the players with a simple, 2 player game, with a short playing time. Sure, it is a re-implementation of Mr. Jack, but it does bring something new to the table and, always a good thing, it is quite cheap. And it is also available on iOS and Android. Lots of ways to play this, then. Just don’t expect a deduction game…

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New to me: Tenka, Infection, Mr Jack Pocket and The Duke

Buying new games is always an interesting process. If you’re at all like me, there are several ways you end up buying a game: some are just pure impulse purchase, knowing nothing about the game but there is a little something that makes you grab it, usually a sentence or an image; sometimes, you read about the game and you stow that info deep inside the vault, thinking there might be something interesting in there; other times, the first time you hear about it you know you need to get it; and lastly, there is the type of game that somehow fits into a current project and you just want to see what others did within that space.

All this to say that I bought four new games in the last few weeks. These are not games I had pre-ordered or backed on Kickstarter, but rather games that either had lodged themselves in my brain because of something I had seen about them before or games that had a lot of talk about them once they came out.

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