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New to Me: Math Trade special

Last Saturday was the “every-few-months” Montreal Math Trade, this time held at the Pub Ludique Randolphe. The turnout was excellent and the trades took place really quickly, with the whole trading taking place in under an hour for me.

What is a Math Trade? Well, simply put, it’s a trade that goes beyond the usual 1-on-1 trade and instead institute a multi-participant trade, often resulting in giving items to someone who will give something else to someone else who, maybe, will give you something. It’s hard to track exactly what the result of your giving a game to someone, but it also means that the odds of getting what you want are much greater since as long as someone wants what you want and that someone else has what you want, your odds are good.

At the end of the day, it’s a great occasion for me to get rid of games I don’t play much/care much about/actively dislike and get stuff that I really want or that I’m intrigued by but haven’t gotten around to purchasing. The Montreal Math Trades tend to be organized by Willy the Snitch over on Boardgamegeek and I am very thankful for that.

What did I give away this time and why? And, more importantly, what new games did I get? Let’s check it out.

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