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The Purge: The getting-rid-of-games Challenge

I got too many games. My wife tells me this and I actually agree, but the thing is, I love getting new games, learning new games and playing new games. I’m trying this year to get at least some of the games I really like back to the table a few more times than usual, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I have too many games and this situation is likely to only get worse as new games are arriving all the time at my house.

Unless I turn my office/game room into a Tardis (not likely) or get a storage space (which would only delay the issue instead of solving it), I need to get rid of some games. Now, this is something I tend to do annually, doing a small purge and getting rid of 10-15 titles. I’m also a regular participant in the local Math Trade, which actually doesn’t help as it only replaces games instead of reducing the pile. This year, I’ve decided to do something more drastic: I’m going to try and get rid of 10 games per month, for around 10 months. Yup, following the 10X10in2014 challenge, I’m going to do a 10outX10monthsin2014.

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