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The Purge: March Update

So last month I started a major purge of my game collection, putting up 10 games to be given/traded/sold/exchange for something. The idea was not to necessarily sell them, but rather find a good home for games that either didn’t really grab me or that I was fairly sure would not hit the table in some time.

Well, this is the second instalment of the purge, with another 10 games being put up, all in the goal of culling 100 games from my collection by the end of the year. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my collection will go down by 100 (it currently stands at 502, not counting expansions) but rather that it will hopefully stay at around that 500 number (hopefully a little lower). I’ve got new games coming in every month so if I can get rid of a little more each month, maybe I can go under 475…

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