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Kickstarting some games: Fantasy Frontier, Shadows over the Empire and Burning Suns

Ah, the lure of Kickstarter, the very idea of saying: “I do think that’s a good idea and I want to believe. Here, have some money and here’s hoping that you can deliver something that’s close to your vision!” or, to be more blunt “Aurg! Cool! Need now!”


There’s always that little line, isn’t there? When you see something that looks really good, that they people who are making it are so excited that it’s contagious and you just want it now. And then, when all said and done, you get to wait. A long time. Hoping that you don’t lose that excitement. Or lose your money that you’ve invested. Or even worse, that the game will not live up to your expectations. I think that’s the worse, really.

I backed three games in the last two weeks on Kickstarter. One of them, the one I’m the most curious about not being released, or at least planned to be released, until a year from now. Another one should be out in the Spring and the last one should be out in a month or so. Is it the complexity or simply a publisher that’s using Kickstarter as a marketing engine? Dunno, and frankly, don’t really care. I just want these games…

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