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Review: Elder Sign and Elder Sign Unseen Forces

While all my friends were discovering Star Wars and Star Trek when I was a kid, I was busy discovering horror and more specifically cosmic horror in the form of the writings of Howard Philip Lovecraft, or HP to his dear friends. The combination of old time sensibilities and the futility of life in the light of cosmic horror that are so old struck a chord with me which still resonates to this day. It affected deeply the way I look at horror and, for a long time, almost made sure I followed mostly British horror rather than its American cousin, even though Lovecraft was American.

It’s no real surprise that when I started roleplaying when I got to college I was attracted to Call of Cthulhu over D&D, even if I had a hard time finding people to play. Over time I discovered the original Arkham Horror and had some fun with that, but while the new edition was sure pretty and had lots of stuff in it, it felt somewhat forced, especially with its long playing time and overly complex rulebook. I was quite curious when I first heard of Elder Sign and could not wait to try it out. I was really happy when it came out on iOS, since it meant I could try it and see just how good it was. The verdict? Well, let’s first look at the game.

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