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Review: Coup


There is something about small games. Not those where the size of the game is an excuse for simply having no real decisions to take, but those which cram so much into a tiny box that the mind marvels at the thought process that came up with the idea. As I’ve stated before, one of the hottest trend right now is the micro game explosion. There’s a bunch of very cool games out already (Love Letter, Council of Verona, etc), coming out soon (Sail to India, Cheaty Mages, Coin Age) or on Kickstarter looking for funding (Burgoo, Tiny Epic Kingdom, and yes, I’ve backed both) and I’m quite sure that there are many more to come. All they have in common is a very small component list and some big ideas.

However, being part of a trend doesn’t guarantee quality. Does Coup live up to the merits of the trend or does it fall short?

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