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New to me: The catch-up edition

It’s been a good, long while since I’ve done a New to me blog post and a lot of games/expansions have come in since. Between the post Essen/GenCon releases and the Kickstarter games that all came out right before Christmas, I may have picked up too much stuff, but hell…

Craziest day? Right between Christmas and New Year, I got 6 different packages of games. Most of them were one or two games, but still! That’s a lot of gaming. Some exceptional games in there too!

Let’s look at the better/more interesting games to come in. I won’t be looking at (most) expansions, since a lot of them are the simple, little expansions that are available on the BoardgameGeek store. Some of the games (Freedom: The Underground RailroadEuphoria: Build a Better DystopiaHegemonicRussian Railroads,  and Trieste) I’ve already talked about in either my 10X10in2014 or my Year in review article (part 1, 2 and 3). Expect reviews of them in the coming weeks. I’ve done a review of Council of Verona already and there should be reviews of the last few (American RailsTrains and StationsLegacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy) as soon as I can get them to the table another time.

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