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Session Report: A Distant Plain

I am a big fan of different types of games (some would say games in general) but there is always that special subject matter that fascinates me and that will make me seek out games that talk/deal with this subject. One such subject is asymmetrical warfare and more specifically COIN, or COunter INsurgence warfare. As such, these types of conflicts are usually represented by “hearts and minds” operation or having a group that is in power fighting against another, much smaller group who is trying to disrupt the status quo and this by much different means. Instead of being straight out fights, they attempt to simulate large armies trying to deal with much more nimble, smaller groups who’s primary aim is not to kill but rather to disrupt and win the sympathy of the local population.

pic1733403_tOne of the first game I’ve ever played on that subject is Ici, C’est la France (Legion Wargames) by Kim Kanger , which proved to be both fascinating and very fiddly. My love of the subject made me hunt down games by both Brian Train (Battle for China, Algeria, Shining Path and more) and Volko Ruhnke (Wilderness War, Labyrinth: War on Terror, Andean Abyss). Both have made games on COIN in the past and now they’ve collaborated in the GMT COIN Series on a new title: A Distant Plain. A match made in heaven surely, right?

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New to me: A Distant Plain and Cuba Libre

pic1714070_tI love asymmetrical gameplay and one series that has stood out for me recently is the recent one from Volko Ruhnke and GMT Games: COIN. This series is all about counter-insurgency and explores unconventional conflicts such as the one in Columbia at the end of the 1980s (Andean Abyss), the war in Vietnam (the upcoming Fire in the Lake, which I took a look at here). As there are very few games that explore COIN-type conflicts (most wargamers tend to prefer games that have direct conflict instead of more subtle conflicts like Vietnam and Algeria), any game that deals with that topic will always gets at very least a peek from me.

So it’s no great surprise that I’ve P500ed and couldn’t wait to receive the second and third volume in the series, namely Cuba Libre and A Distant Plain. Weighty games on very interesting subjects, they should be very interesting to dig into, using a system that I’m familiar with. It should be interesting to see how the system both adapts to the very different conflicts and offers new challenges to those who’ve played Andean Abyss before.

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