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Year in Review 2013 – Part 1

As the year comes to a close, I figured it would be good to do a Year in Review, to look back at the games I played, or at very least the games that I thought really stood out. I don’t really want to rank the games as there are many apples and oranges in here and the comparison wouldn’t be fair. On the other hand, I have organized the games in sub-categories so that it would be easier to find the games that you might be interested in reading about.

Note that I don’t really limit myself to games that have been released in 2013 but rather games that I’ve played for the first time in 2013. Another thing about this Year in Review is that I’ve noticed games that I thought I had played in the last year and I didn’t, which makes me want to play them again soon! Ahh, the pleasure of playing games! Never enough time to play all the games you love.

I’ve broken down this post into three parts since when I looked at the list of games I wanted to go over, it was quite long! The second part will be posted next week and includes 2-player games, Light games and some Serious games. In Part 3 I’ll go over other gaming events of the last year, so stay tuned!

In this first part, we’ll look at polar opposite: big meaty games and micro games. So, without further ado, let’s look at those games!

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