The Purge: November edition

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog with reviews or other articles, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped or slowed down on my game playing or, unfortunately, my game acquisition. What with a new project at work (I’m now working on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot over at Ubisoft Montreal) and some renovations at home, I’ve fallen off the review wagon and I sure need to get back on it! I’ve got a few things lined up but I need to make a bit of space first.

So, you know how this goes: if there’s something you’d like in the list or are just curious to know what I’m getting rid of and why, the list is right below. See something you like? make me an offer and remember, it doesn’t have to be cash. I’m actually looking for someone to paint some Rivet War minis…

Don’t care about the games I’ve gotten rid of so far and just want to see what’s on the purge list this month? Be my guest!

I managed to get rid of a little over half of my August list. Here’s where they went:

And here’s the rest of the games I’ve gotten rid of so far. All in all, not bad with 44 games gone or almost half my goal with a few months left before the one year runs out. Including the 30 odd games still on the list to be purged (that includes the 20 new games on the list), that would bring the total to close to 75! Not bad at all!

The New Batch

Since I’ve been a little irregular with what was supposed to be a monthly Purge, I’ve decided to put up 20 games instead of the usual 10. A lot of different things in this list, with some surprisingly recent games, some of others love, but which simply leave me… cold.

  • Star Realm (with KS stretch goals): I dunno about this one. I played a whole bunch online  and it is fine in that form, but I don’t think I’ll ever break it out to play face-to-face. I’ve got a whole bunch of better, deeper games that are equally as fast and easy to explain and rely less heavily on luck.
  • Alcatraz: the Scapegoat: One of my math-trade acquisitions and while it looked interesting at the time, I haven’t been able to bring it to the table since acquiring it. Either it gets bumped by other games we know or the latest hotness. At the end of the day, I don’t think I have the right players for it and frankly, it just doesn’t grab me.
  • Darkest Night: Got this mostly to see what Victory Point Games were about when they started doing the laser-cut pieces. While the game probably has some merit as a coop games, I’m very very picky as far as that type of games go and this just doesn’t cut it. Attempted it a few times as a solo game, but it just didn’t do it.
  • The Kaiser’s Pirates: In theory I should have liked this game but it harkens back to the old Avalon Hill games like Enemy in Sight. Interesting 20 or so years ago, but there’s better games for me.
  • Pandemic: The Cure: Oh how I wanted to like this one. Was very very curious when word started coming out about this and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Well… It’s not a bad game per se, but it just isn’t that interesting. Too much luck can swing the game towards either an insta-loss or insta-win means that while the decisions are interesting in theory, they just aren’t really there when you play. Interesting use of the dice and some cool idea, but just left me cold.
  • Manoeuvre: Another game that in theory should be interesting, especially since it comes from the designer of one of my favorite games of 2014 (Thunder Alley). The ideas are interesting and what it attempts to achieve is quite noble but in the end, the game is ok, nothing more. It has been languishing in my game closet since it hit the table 5 years ago, never having seen the light since. Time to let it go.
  • Chinatown: I used to love this game, although when I think about it, it isn’t much of one. This isn’t so much a game as a framework for freewheeling negotiations and arguments. While when played with the right group it can really scratch that itch, when played with the wrong group or at the wrong time, it can be the cause of many a heated fight. This is the main reason it hasn’t seen play in more than 10 years and that’s just too long. It should find a new home.
  • Adel Verplitch: Bought this when it came out in the late 1990s. I had played it in the original German version at about the same time that I first discovered Catan and got quite taken by it. Unfortunately, it rapidly got taken over by other better Euros (isn’t that always the case) and I kept it just as a collector item, as part of my Alea collection. Well, it’s been a long time since it hit the table and I’ve given up having a complete Alea collection some time ago, so time to say goodbye.
  • RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940: I really wanted to like this game. It is on my (never going to happen) 10X10 challenge list and I tend to love John Butterfield solo games, but this has had a hard time grabbing me. I just don’t feel that I can make decent, difficult decisions in the game. Sure, the narrative is strong, but my only decision centers on how many squads I’ll gamble on this turn and where they will come from. I thought that the Eagle side of the game (where you send out the German squads to attack Britain) would be more interesting but it didn’t grab me. On the other hand, it made me pull out Burning Blue, which I’m now hoping to play soon…
  • Palazzo: Another Alea game that’s on the chopping block. Interesting game, but not interesting enough. I’ve got too many average game and some need to go.
  • Khyber Rifles: Along the five following titles, I got this when Decision Games did a short series of small, simple wargames. I was hoping to get a series of diverse games that had interesting mechanics and could both play and be taught quickly. Not quite what I got. While they are interesting, they are rather simplistic and shallow. Off they go.
  • Eagle Day: See Khyber Rifles.
  • Custer’s Final Campaign: See Khyber Rifles.
  • Cactus Air Force: See Khyber Rifles.
  • Belisarius’s War: See Khyber Rifles.
  • Caesar’s War: See Khyber Rifles.
  • Albion 20: I tried getting into the Napoleon 20 system, even getting the Fading Glory box set from GMT and after 1 attempt at it, it didn’t grab me. Sure, the system is simple and looks clever, but it just isn’t that interesting to me. I guess I’m kind of over IGO-UGO system unless it has some nice twist.
  • Napoleonic 20: Same as above.
  • James Clavell’s Shogun Card Game: Used to love this game, back in the mid 90s. Haven’t played in ages and considering all the good card games I now have and play semi-regularly, time to let this one go.
  • Girl Genius: The Works: Clever game, but really didn’t grab the people who I play with. While Phil Foglio is quite popular, he’s not that well known in my circles.

What’s left over from the last few purges

There are a few things in there that I am very surprised no one has jumped on, especially games like Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small and Mascarade. C’mon people, make me an offer! I really need to get rid of these!

So, if there’s something on this list that you may want, let me know. I’m sure we can work something out, and it doesn’t have to be money! I’m still looking for people to try out some of the longer/stranger games I own 🙂

Happy Gaming!



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