The Purge: August-ish Edition

August is GenCon month and it’s killing me. Between all the new stuff that’s coming in because I backed it on Kickstarter and the new shiny coming out of the con itself, there’s just so many new games coming in that I thought seriously of dumping 20 games this month instead of 10, but I stuck with 10, which is still a lot of games.

Choices of what to drop is starting to go to games that I’ve own for a while and either I’ve actually never played or that I really don’t think I’ll get around to play. I don’t think I have very many “games that I really don’t like” anymore in my collection, apart maybe from the occasional dud that I’ve just picked up. Rather, I’m starting to cut games that I figure have a very low chance of be brought to the table, which does feel good. Getting rid of games that I kept simply because they were sort of ok and “maybe one day” is a very good feeling. Will I ever reach 600 games? Not this year, unless I decide to do a massive purge. If I manage to bring the collection to under 700 and clear out one or two games for each new game that comes in, I’ll be happy.

Well, let’s see know how the last month fared…

What? You don’t care about what games got traded/given/sold/exchanged? you just want the new stuff? Skip everything and get to the good stuff here!

Seem to have gotten rid of most of the stuff I put up last month, along with some stragglers that were still hanging around. 8 of the 10 that were on the list have found a new home, which is pretty good. All in all, I’ve gotten rid of 36 games (and expansions) so far. With a bit of luck and determination, I can probably hit the magical half-way mark and get rid of 50 by the end of September.

This is the running list of what I’ve given/traded/sold in the challenge so far. Interesting list, no?

The New List

A few wargames and some 2 player games in this month’s list.

  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small: Dunno. Played a few times and simply didn’t grab me even if I like the idea of a streamlined Agricola.
  • Express: I used to play this quite a bit back when it came out and I haven’t really played in the last 15 years. Not bad, but I’ve got many card games that fill that set collection itch, with Yardmaster taking the crown.
  • Fealty: One of the first games that I backed on Kickstarter. Not bad, just nothing special.
  • Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War: Too many wargames.
  • Medieval: And the de-Berg-ifying of my collection continues. I’ve owned this since it came out and never managed to get it to the table.
  • Nero: Played once and disliked it. Another Berg leaving the collection.
  • Ricochet Rock Jockeys: This was part of the Disaster Looms! kickstarter campaign. Really don’t see it hitting the table in the next 2-3 years.
  • Storm the Castle!: I like encouraging new fledgling designers over on Kickstarter, but while this game has some good ideas and concept, it’s not quite fully there. I simply have too many games to try and fix the ones that don’t quite work.
  • Sun of York: Simply didn’t grab me.
  • Warmachine: High Command: Same with this one. I love a good deck builder, but couldn’t find enough to grab me in this one.

And here’s the list of games that still haven’t found a new home.

So, if there is something that you find interesting here, let me know and I’m sure we can figure out something.

Happy gaming!


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1 thought on “The Purge: August-ish Edition

  1. Anthony S

    I was wondering if we can come to an agreement on three of your purge games: Fealty, Hellenes and Sun of York. Individual prices would be best since I might not be able to take them all.
    I will be at the Stack on October 4th.



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