The Purge: July Edition

Another month, another purging of games that are just not getting enough love, or that I’m just not interested in any more. Yes, there’s one instalment of the Purge missing, but work has been kind of crazy lately and all the usual excuses. But you’re not here for that, you’re here to know how things stand and maybe score some good games for not much. So, let’s see how things went since last time, shall we?

What? You don’t care about what games got traded/given/sold/exchanged? you just want the new stuff? Skip everything and get to the good stuff here!

How am I doing on the quest to get rid of 100 games before the year’s end? Pretty well, really. Last time we checked, I had gotten rid of 18 games and from the last batch I put up, I got rid of another 7, for a total of 25 games gone so far. Not bad, huh?

And this is what is gone so far:

The New List

A very diverse list this time, with many being “package deals”.

These games are still looking for a new home:

So, if there’s something that you’d like, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m sure we can come up to some sort of an agreement…

Happy Gaming!



A few things are already gone!

2 thoughts on “The Purge: July Edition

  1. Mathieu Paré-Paquin


    Je serais intéressé par ton lot de Game of Thrones – LCG. Je ne sais pas trop comment fonctionne ton principe de purge, est-ce que tu les vends / recherche des jeux en échange?

    Tiens moi au courant,


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