10 X 10 in 2014 Challenge: March Update

March is over and so is the first quarter of the year, and this means that in order to keep up with the 10X10 in 2014 challenge, I need to have played at least 25 games so far. The good news? I’ve pretty much kept up.

The same games are getting played, which is good since it means that players in my groups know the games already and I don’t have to explain them as much as usual. The bad part is some games remain unplayed so far.

What did I play? Partly the usual suspects, but that’s what this challenge is about.

1) Android: Netrunner (three, for a total of 8 times). Still exploring this great game. I’m starting to want to make my own deck, knowing fully that I will fail. Still, got to play a tricky NBN deck, which gave me ideas for my own deck. Love this game.

2) Russian Railroads (twice, for a total of 6 times). Another great game and with the group at work loving it as well. I’m pretty sure that I’ll actually get to finish my 10 times this month. I also predict that I will keep on playing.

3) Steam (twice, for a total of 2 times) Got to bring this old favorite to the table, and more specifically the Japan map from the 3rd map pack. What a vicious little map!

4) Ground Floor (first time played) This is another great worker placement game, but I’m starting to think that I really should only play with 4 players, as playing with more than 4 makes for a very long game, even when the players are quick about it.

5) 18XX Family, specifically 1873 (once, for a total of 4 times) Tried a brand new 18XX this time, 1873 which is perhaps one of the least familiar and complex 18XX I’ve played so far. A great, head-hurtin’ kind of time. We will probably try it again in April.

Picked up the pace a little this month, bringing the total to 26 games played, so I’m solidly on track to complete the challenge. Still, I would have liked to be a little ahead, but I get this feeling that April will be good (yup, played Russian Railroads twice already, with a game of Steam this weekend).

How do I stand in totals for all games?

Some progress on all front, but I still haven’t played all games at least once (although the number has decreased). I’m sort of holding out on Briefcase, hoping that Sail to India comes out soon.

And no real changes in my Achievements:

  • First game (unlocked)
  • First 10 games (unlocked)
  • 50 games played (locked)
  • First game completed (locked)
  • 5 games completed (locked)
  • At least 1 game of each (locked)
  • Completed! (locked)

Happy gaming!

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