The Purge: March Update

So last month I started a major purge of my game collection, putting up 10 games to be given/traded/sold/exchange for something. The idea was not to necessarily sell them, but rather find a good home for games that either didn’t really grab me or that I was fairly sure would not hit the table in some time.

Well, this is the second instalment of the purge, with another 10 games being put up, all in the goal of culling 100 games from my collection by the end of the year. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my collection will go down by 100 (it currently stands at 502, not counting expansions) but rather that it will hopefully stay at around that 500 number (hopefully a little lower). I’ve got new games coming in every month so if I can get rid of a little more each month, maybe I can go under 475…

I didn’t manage to give away all the games that I put up, but I got rid of 7 from that list and 2 more that I wasn’t planning to purge right away. Still, all in all, I managed to get rid of 9 games last month. Not bad.

What I got rid of:

What is left:

Hopefully I will find good homes for them soon. With the new Warhammer Diskwars coming out, Star Trek should find a home soon.

And here’s the latest batch of games that I’m trying to get rid of:

  • 1655: Habemus Papam: Got this because of the subject matter. After all, how many games are there out there about electing a pope? Should have read the rules first, as the game is really a bidding/set collection game. Nice, but not good enough to stay.
  • Alibi: An oldie that really doesn’t hit the table often, Alibi is a deduction game. Not bad, really, but I haven’t played since 2000, at the very least.
  • Arabana-Opodopo: A four-player variant of Kahuna, this is the a copy of the original Bambus Spieleverlag, with the wooden slat pieces.
  • Babel: At one point, I had most of the Kosmo 2 player series and I ended up getting rid of most (except Kahuna) and this needs to go. I really don’t play it and might as well give it a new home.
  • Citadels: I used to love this game and, as we played more, the games got longer and longer. I have better, fun, light games for many. Goes it does.
  • Kingdom Builder: A weird one for me. A mix of thinky and light, I kind of liked it the one time I managed to bring it to the table but it was never able to gain traction with any of the groups I play with.
  • Pacific Typhoon: Got this for cheap during one of GMT’s sale and haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Based on the similar system as Atlantic Storm, it’s probably not bad, if a little dated. Again, I’ve got other similar games that fill the same niche, so out it goes.
  • Pax Baltica: played this twice when I got it and while it’s not bad, it’s not amazing either. I have too many wargames as it is and too many of them unplayed, so out this goes.
  • Spartacus: I originally got this in the first Math Trade I was involved with. I love card-driven wargames but the problem is that they all seem to blend into one another. Out it goes.
  • Strafexpedition 1916: This should have been a home run for me and instead… The subject matter is very interesting and so is the fact that this would appear to be a playable mini-monster: lots of units, a large canvas and should be playable in about 7-8 hours. Why get rid of it? Too fiddly for me. Too many stacks of counters, most of which are information counters and not units. There’s something very interesting there, but I’m simply not patient enough to go for it.

So, anyone? any offer? Remember, I won’t refuse any fair offers.

Happy gaming!

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