10X10 in 2014 Challenge: February update

Another month and the challenge keeps going well, with 7 games played, for a total of 17. It’s a little under what I would have liked since I figure I need to play on average a little over 8 games a month to be able to finish the challenge on time, and I would love to play 10 a month to insure that I do complete the challenge, but even with only 7, I’m still on pace.

This month also marks my first game dropped/changed. I’m thinking that there might be a second game that I might drop from my list, but for now, one game has been switched for another. Let’s check out what I played and what is being replaced.

I’m keeping to the strategy of continuing to play games I’ve played a few games of. The reason for this is very simple: easier to get others to play since they already know the rules or they’ve seen us play them and they’re intrigued. I highly suspect that I’ll keep playing most of them even when I’ll have played 10 times each, but that’s another story entirely.

What was played:

  1. 20140201_12270418XX (twice, for a total of 3 times): more specifically 1862 and 1876. This is such a deep family! The two games played couldn’t be more different yet they still have an undercurrent of similarity. 1876 was especially interesting since it is a very small map with very limited tiles. It ended when Jason went bankrupt, yet still finished 2nd. 1862 is very rewarding to revisit and still remains one of the shortest 18XX games even at its complexity level. I suspect that there will be other 18XX visited next since I have a pile of unplayed ones waiting in the wings (1865, 18SX, 18Rurh), a new one coming soon (1873) and a beginner’s game since there is some interest from people who’ve never played in the groups (1889).
  2. IMG_20140219_191924Russian Railroads (twice, for a total of 4 times): This game has turned into quite the hit with my gaming groups. Played twice in December, twice in February and I’ll probably play 2-3 times this month. I’m very curious to try it as a 2 player game, just to see how the game handles it. There’s a lot of depth in there and the more I play it, the more little twists I see on how I can  maximize my points and how the different tracks work together. I just love how the scoring feels like a locomotive picking up steam. Oh yeah, I really need to do a review of this soon…
  3. IMG_20140205_123700Android: Netrunner (three times, for a total of 5 times): 2 player game with a regular opponent who loves it and it can be played during lunch fairly easily? Yup, this was played 3 times and could easily have been played at least 3 more times, but work got in the way. Still, I’m fairly sure I can play this another 3 times minimum in March and I’ll have played 10 times by the end of April. And it just gets better and better. I’ve got to try my hand at making decks very soon.

pic650595_tI’ve been very ambivalent with B-29 Superfortress on my list. While the game looked really interesting and the reviews were good, when I started looking at the rulebook and tried to get a game going, I’ve felt my interest wane. I’ve since put the game on my Game Purge Challenge. I needed something to replace it and I’ve decided to give RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940, another solo game (which does play 2 player) from one of my favorite solo designer, John Butterfield (he is also responsible for the amazing D-Day at Omaha Beach). A little more complex, but with a bigger decision space. Looking forward to playing it.

So, slowed down a little bit in February (only 7 played), but March is off to a good start with both Steam (specifically the Japan map from Map Expansion 3) and Ground Floor (finally! such a good game and so glad it’s on this list). I really want to get some solo play in with RAF since I might be missing some of my by-weekly weekend session this month.

Here are how the different games on the list stand:

And my Achievements standing:

  • First game (unlocked)
  • First 10 games (unlocked)
  • 50 games played (locked)
  • First game completed (locked)
  • 5 games completed (locked)
  • At least 1 game of each (locked)
  • Completed! (locked)

Happy gaming!

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