My name is Steph Brochu and I’ve been a gamer since I was in my teens. I love games and all types of games, be they analog (board games, card games, war games, etc) or digital. I also happen to love to read wide and far (like food, a good reading diet will keep your mind occupied and your spirit curious; so don’t only read fiction, read non-fiction!) and I love hockey (should be obvious: Montreal born and love games, sooo…)

I’ve worked in the video game industry as a game designer since 2000 and I’ve dabbled in a few board game designs (some of which I’ll feature at some point). I’ve co-created a pen-and-paper rpg (Tribe 8), written several supplements for Night’s Edge and Cyberpunk and was line editor for Night’s Edge. I’ve got a novel somewhere which I need to finish with the re-writes at some point and too many poems in various places. I’ve been fascinated by electronics for too long.

I live in Montreal with my wife and two pugs and way too many books and games.

You can reach me at genius (at) strawpixel dot com.

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